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Angela Primm is one of the premier voices of our time. Her musical history spans genres, continents, and audiences.


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So... You Say You Want To Sing: Memoirs of a Background Vocalist
A brand new book written by Angela Primm

Who do you want to sing for? 
Why are you singing? 
Why are you even gifted to sing? 

In seeking your answer, don’t confuse the applause of man with the applause of God. To the human ear, they can sound identical, but the spiritual ear will always convict you toward righteousness. Man’s "15 Minutes of stardom" can never compare to the eternal reward which engulfs a life full of His purpose with His gift.

Angela’s book of memoirs testifies to the divine strategies and favor of God in the field of music. It will assure you, as you attain your own landmarks in music, that God, indeed, has a personal plan for you!  This book encourages you to Just Keep Singing!!!
AVAILABLE NOW! Order Your Signed Copy Today!!!
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Angela Primm is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a professional singer who began as a background vocalist in 1986. She has traveled throughout the world sharing this music and the faith that fuels it. Angela often says that when she looks out into an audience, “I see people and I can tell who needs a hug. So I sing directly to them and hug them that way!” She believes music is that universal language created by God Himself which replenishes the souls of those who sing and those who listen. 

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Angela primm spirituals   songs of mahalia jackson
Spirituals - The Songs Of
Mahalia Jackson

(CD - 10 Songs)
Angela primm oh the blood of jesus
Oh The Blood Of Jesus
(CD - 11 Songs)

Angela primm sanctuary
(CD - 11 Songs)

Angela primm in good hands
In Good Hands
(CD - 11 Songs)

Angela primm anthems and hymns for him
Anthems & Hymns
For Him

(CD - 12 Songs)
Angela primm twinkle little star
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
(CD - 12 Songs)
Angela primm a little bit of heaven
A Little Bit Of Heaven
(CD - 12 Songs)

John primm live from promise land cover optionsc
John Primm LIVE
From Promise Land

(CD - 10 Songs)
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